Computer Shortcut Keys

Computers shortcut keys that helps you a lot in your working. It make your work easier and in most of the interview the interviewer ask computer shortcut keys.

Ctrl + ASelects all text
Ctrl + XCuts the selected item
Ctrl + CCopies the selected item
Ctrl + VPastes copied item
Ctrl + NStart a new note
Ctrl + OOpen a recently used note
Ctrl + SSaves changes to a note
Ctrl + PPrint a note
Ctrl + ZHelps Undo a change
Ctrl + YHelps Redo a change
Ctrl + FStart a search tool
Ctrl + BMakes selected text bold
Ctrl + IItalicizes selected text
Ctrl + UUnderlines selected texts
Ctrl + LAligns text left
Ctrl + JHelps justify text
Ctrl + 1Sets single line spacing
Ctrl + 2Sets double line spacing
Ctrl + 5Sets line spacing to 1.5
Ctrl + HomeMoves to the beginning of the document
Ctrl + EndMoves to the end of the document

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